Harmon International Petroleum is an independent, California-based onshore oil and gas company. We acquire, develop and operate oil and gas properties located mainly in California and other Western U.S. locations.  We have a domestic and internationally experienced development, operations and business management team.

We have recently secured the rights to a major California oil play with excellent risk-adjusted upside potential. We are currently finalizing our development financing with a private equity fund that specializes in energy projects.  Drilling is scheduled to commence in 2015.

Our business model offers the following advantages:

  • Experienced industry management and technical teams with successful track records at leading oil and gas companies such as  ChevronTexaco and Unocal;
  • Primary focus on the California and Western U.S. market, an overlooked niche in the U.S. upstream oil and gas market that holds substantial potential for significant investment returns;
  • One California field, 100% owned and operated, with the potential of developing 10 million barrels of oil reserves (4 million barrels of proved reserves); and
  • Several additional acquisitions in advanced stages of negotiation and due diligence targeted for close.